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Adelante Youth Alliance (AYA)
(formerly Pasadena Youth Center (PYC)


To educate and empower youth to develop their academic, career and leadership potential


AYA provides academic, professional and leadership development - preparing and supporting youth to:  

* Improve academic achievement
* Graduate from high school
* Advance to college / post-secondary education
* Become job & career ready
* Become leaders & role models in their families, schools & communities



What We Do

Adelante means ‘advance’ – and we strive to provide opportunities for our youth to advance academically, personally & professionally.

Alliance refers to the hundreds of volunteer professionals, who share their time, talents and expertise, to inspire our youth to achieve their dreams.   

Adelante Madison Program - Using a holistic and collaborative approach, Adelante! Madison recruits college and high school students to work directly with elementary students as mentors and tutors; provides opportunities for college students to mentor and tutor high school students; and enhances parent interest and awareness on how they can help their elementary school children.

Adelante Academy provides the support students need to prepare for higher education, promising and fulfilling careers, and life.

Adelante! Mujer Latina & Adelante! Young Men College & Career Conferences benefit thousands of students from throughout California each year.


Who We Are

Pasadena Youth Center (PYC) began to formulate in 1995, in response to dramatic increase in local youth violence and high school drop-out rates. Youth and adults came together and community focus groups were conducted to identify the needs and solutions.

Among the greatest need was said to be a supervised drop-in center, where youth could feel safe, accepted and involved. Youth - older than fifteen - listed 'jobs' as their primary need.

PYC was, therefore, established in 2001 as a 501 c(3), community-based non-profit organization. Our goals are to help youth succeed, with programs designed to enhance academic, social and professional competence, while learning valuable life and job skills.

Pasadena Youth Center (PYC) changed its name to Adelante Youth Alliance to better reflect what we do and who we are. AYA has been instrumental in assisting thousands of youth, on the verge of failing in school, progress to the next grade level, complete high school, identify and implement career plans, advance to college or trade training, secure employment, and become productive members of their communities – willing and able to give back.














Our Address:

805 N. Madison Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91104

P.O. Box 92517
Pasadena, CA 91109

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