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Adelante! Madison Program (AMP)



Using a holistic and collaborative approach, Adelante! Madison recruits college and high school students to work directly with elementary students as mentors and tutors; provides opportunities for college students to mentor and tutor high school students; and enhances parent interest and awareness on how they can help their elementary school children. To ensure program efficacy and sustainability, the program collaborates with Madison Elementary, Marshall Fundamental High and Pasadena City College's Mathematics, Engineering & Science Achievement Program (MESA). The Madison Program provides after-school tutoring and homework assistance sessions for Madison Elementary students; training on mentoring and tutoring to college and high school volunteers; leadership development workshops and community-service projects to support high school students development; and quarterly workshops for parents of Madison Elementary students focusing on parents' school interaction and academic responsibility.





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 Noche De Ciencias /Science Night



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Natalie Martinez selected

as a ABC7 Cool Kid 



Natalie Hernandez


 Natelie Martinez has been a valued tutor and mentor in Adelante Youth Alliance's after-school program at Madison, the elementary school she graduated from. Natalie returned to give back and inspire young students to excel academically, develop leadership skills, and dream big to be the first in their families to graduate from high school, advance to college, and achieve their careers goals. Natalie is a senior at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School in  Pasadena. Natalie is the perfect role model for young students who need to emulate. Join us in congratulating Natalie as ABC7's Cool Kids!!

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